Launch of CosiBot – Covid Stay Informed Bot.

A non-profit initiative supported by WENCOUR.

Cosibot provides the general public with reliable information about the corona virus from official sources, like the World Health Organization. It is a great example of how NLP technology can support communication in such a crisis situation. This is a non-profit project looking for tech partners, media partners, sponsors and volunteers.

COVID-19 – Challenges for the Population

Every day we are flooded by numerous daily updates from all the media: TV, radio, printed newspaper, social media,
websites and blogs. The information is often

  • Fragmented
  • Conflicting
  • Opinionated

Even worst, sometimes simply wrong!

Challenges for Public Authorities

They must provide

  • Avoiding hysteria and panic
  • Fighting fake news
  • Call Centres and support lines are overwhelmed with requests

Our partner technology partner ROBO.AI, a sister company of Two Impulse in Portugal, has developed this Bot to support businesses in these times of crisis. We, WENCOUR, are supporting them to find sponsors (book the services) and volunteers (copywriters, developers, linguistic experts in contextual dialog, that work from home).

More information in this presentation:

If you would like to try it out, click on the “Corona” icon on the bottom left of our website.

How to add this bot to your website? Simply visit: and Paulo and his team will be more than happy to assist.